2009 | Kızılay RW+
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competition proposal, 1st prize

with Erdem Tuzun

During the mankind’s history, the plazas and public spaces have been the stage of municipality’s prestige projects, power elite’s ground and also the signs of politicial decisions taken by competent power without considering the real city dwellers at all. The public space has always been shaped by the decisions of external powers.

Even the basic, naive city designment projects and public space projects have been shaped by the politicial powers of that time. Historicism in terms of design decisions has been dignified as a generical attack and also individual or ideological attacks have been given more importance than the city dwellers and the city’s essential requirements itself. However, contrary to some assumptions the others have the city is not in a passive location on which everybody can utter something or eveybody can take a decision. By contrast with, the city is in a location in which creates its own fiction, an active system having the power of reducing to absurdity, making even a monumental production totally meaningless.

Even though sometimes the city may seem to accept the utterings and the ideals on which has been said on behalf of itself; the time makes it possible for the city to find itself by converting all these ideals and utterings to total mistakes and dead-ends. Every single wrong decision will eventually come to the city’s agenda as a crucial problem which needs to be solved at once.

Today, the biggest mistake which is still being done is the effort of intervention to the city with a totally external point of view. However, the city is a “changing times sequence” which moves altogether with its own time soul and according to the needs of city dwellers and their essential requirements.

Today, the correct and well-balanced intervention to a city is a fictionalizing a system in which the city dwellers constitute the most important part of this organism and an creating a mechanism which are open to all potentials and facilities. The city should be purified from all individual, personal and ideological discourses and registers at once. The city should be converted into a condition which answers the city’s dwellers needs as soon as possible.
The city is wholistic and integral. The roads, the structures, the spaces and of course the people are the parts of this wholism. When there is an intervention to the city, all these elements interact in the end. The consequence of all those attacks influence this internal dynamism. For instance, a decision which is taken on behalf of a road will not only affect this mentioned road but also all this operational mechanism.

The thing to be suggested as a place like Kızılay Meydanı which has been exposed to many interventions. During the history; must be a total, multi –level and interactive solution shaped by the city dwellers’s essential needs. The solution which has been suggested must belong to this place. A system, which does not only watch and stays at a passice location but also takes action must be shaped as soon as possible. A mechanism which determines its own essential requirements and behaves according to these needs must be shaped at short notice, immediately.