2010 | Occupant Motion

This project uses video to track motion. The focus was to depict people movements and transform this into geometry. The system is used as a design informer for the creation of space. As people move through space, the personal space that surround them changes.
The prototype was installed in the workshop space of SmartGeometry2010.

For the project a camera was installed right above the IAAC, Smart Geometry workshop area to record the motion generated by the occupants. Not the video was recorded, but the motions were, using frame-differencing technology that is available for Processing
(Software). Larger clusters of motion were grouped together, so that they captured the movements of a single person. Every cluster in motion was a valuse assigned related to the speed at whic it translated.

This data was fed to Generative Components using
UbiMash. In Generative Components a triangulation algorithm was used to produce a
3D sample geometry.

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