2011 | In Search of Production
Once you get going, you cannot stop - it feels good to go from one place to another, to be always on the move. You want to get into other stories, and to add new actors to your own story. You wish your journey will never end, and that the tension between the beginning and the end will always remain.

I traveled to Mumbai, Jakarta, Guangzhou, Beijing, New York, San Francisco, Mexico City, Buenos Aires and São Paolo in one month, as a recipient of an Arkitera Architecture Center travel grant presented in celebration of Arkitera’s 10th anniversary. During this tour, entitled “In Search of Production,” I stayed in each mega-city for two or three days, attempting to grasp and convey a sense of each place. I talked with people, visited slums, recorded voices and took videos and photographs.

“Traveling is full of tension: getting carried away, losing one’s sense of place, disregarding time – these are all part of it.”

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, and the thing you search for devours you; you become one with it, and you may even lose it.

My trip was structured on cities of production. All of a sudden, however, this idea of a search began to function both ways. While I posted his experiences on the road with social media, a virtual cloud of production began to gather around me, growing bigger as I approached my final destination.

My research was based on exploring the post-Fordist production of design in each geography, city and specific urban setting. Wherever I went I encountered a very intensive drive towards creativity and indeed with each new country and city I had the chance to see different spatial organizations and witness just how versatile they were in their ability to realize and grasp their visions.

You can watch from here, my final presentation at SALT Beyoğlu,

Sunum: Yelta Köm. Arkitera gezgininden bir yol hikâyesi from SALT Online on Vimeo.