2011 | Open City
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City is the set of events that enables different moments, different perceptions, different experience. The structure of the city is permeable. It slips away with this permeability, builds frameless scenes.

The decision- making municipal authority is an important part of permeable city. The transparency of decisionmaking is shaped with the founded and broken context and also with its places which present new perspectives and potentials. While participating in urban management, theunicipal authority integrates with it, cut into pieces, re-collects, penetrates into the space. Municipal buildings and methods of local authority have been the tools of government’s representation.

How a public building, particularly a municipal building project the city, instead of the government? How is it entegrated with the city? And what does a municipal building bring to the city? “Maltepe Municipality- Open City” is a trial who wants to answer these questions. More of a building, this is a volume, defining the intersecting gaps of life.

A twenty-four hours living complex, protects the urban memory, attracts users of all ages with its city park, ferris wheel, market areas under cover, wedding hall opened in front of the wedding square. In addition, the building that has an innovative strategy for the internal organization, aims to maintain maximum transparency and make everyone work in coordination at the offices. The office floors relate with gardens, connect each other with bridges. They also have got both open and closed circulation areas by the agency of the upper cover.

The city council, which is an important decision-making organ of the city, lengthens to the square with its mass - seperated structure. The transparent, permeable red texture on it shows the noticeability and accessibility.