2012 | Active Monument to Urban Destruction
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Active Monument to Urban Destruction (2012) is a urban installation created for the Istanbul Design Biennial.

CohStra collaborators: Lucia Babina, Emiliano Gandolfi, Gabriela Rendón and Miguel Robles-Durán. In collaboration with: Kayıtdışı, Canan Erten, Elif Karaköse, Zeynep Çınar

Like other cities, Istanbul is under the pressure of state-led capitalist urban transformation. The transformation does not only harm the urban spaces and evict people but also transform the everyday life of the inhabitants and citizens. Cohabitation Strategies, known for their interventions in public space and re-moblizing the public and discursive critical actions, and Kayıtdışı, an Istanbul based architecture and design collective, are collaborating in a project about the current urban destruction in public space of the Karaköy district. The participatory based public installation consists of hand-made 16 flags (6 m) combined with sitting places that informs and represents 16 spaces of urban destruction. During the Istanbul Design Biennial this performative monument will host inhabitants, citizens, neighborhood association leaders, journalists, musicians, theater actors and activists, performance artists…etc. The events will include discussions, and different activities in order to create temporary “common” public spaces.