2013 | RE+ Mamak
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Mamak Military Penitentiary National Project Idea Contest , 2nd Prize

with Erdem Tüzün and Mihriban Duman

Committing actions aimed at lessening independence of country, and disturbing its unity, attempting alteration, change and abrogation to the constitutional law by force...
" The convict, personnel under arrest and custody are accepted as military person as long as they are under military punishment and jail, and they subject to the military status._ Mamak Constitution General Instruction – I"

Tanks are covered penitentiary with large noises.

Nightstick and kicking started to hit his back when he enters the car.

He understood that something happens to him when he enters the regular army office. Blood dropped down.

He has been taken to the small room with stairs of which photograph taking and tagging is made at the Block A. his photograph has been taken from front and side without hair and moustache.
He stood up. " order arms! ". they started to hit with nightsticks.

"keep your hands side. There are only your testicles not touched. Now they blow it."
He didn’t feel well with beat and he hardly talked. He is afraid of nauseation and vertigo.

Night count, morning count, they said started to count again "1, 2, 3, 4, 5...". officer of the day followed those who count. He took one person outside. He said we didn’t hear your voice from regular army. He hit three nightsticks on his hand and three nightsticks on his other hand.
At the cage, soldiers divided into two groups leftwingers and rightwingers. They asked two persons from both sets and asked to throw a punch to others face.
At the same time, a person who is weak politics had been arrested as chief of east region. Revolutionists has placed him on their arms and said “our real leader is arrested” and laughed. This young person understood that it is required to give information after electricity and beat. He made up stories of 100 pages.
He stayed at restricted rooms at Block A for 20 days. And he rested one day. This takes months.

There are caskets on the place where intimidation policy is not sufficient at the cages, restricted areas. Sometimes 3-4 persons were thrown together to the caskets of 1 meter. They are all naked. Most dangerous one is cold. The casters are freezing even on august.

He told that "I will make you sleep with your shit". Then it is understood that he means caskets.

A soldier yelling at the ventilation troop: don’t look your right, left, air. Don’t talk with persons near you, don’t ask cigarette."

The major prayed while waiting at cold “I wish it will be raining and they get cold".

"it is prohibited to them to look from windows: they plan action in various wings with sings."

Meanwhile, first lieutenant, and major appear at hall, they smiled. They said “we have done it, let’s go and drink coffee".

They didn’t give us newspaper on that morning. It is extraordinary situation to give newspaper. On morning, radio announced a death sentence news with state of siege announcement.

"they caused us not to seem human by beating us because they cannot take decision for death sentence. A soldier asked “give me blessing of those whom I tortured.

One of the instigator said “there are abnormal operations,”, after few years.

Mamak is addressee of the sentences containing comfort to take part in penitentiary - under normal conditions - . because all witnesses sees in the eyes of witnesses, and their thongs are talked. “this is penitentiary”.
Blood dropped down at regular army. There is no humanity and conscious.

Memorization is basis, thinking is prohibited. Talking is crime, even not talking is crime.

The penitentiary fans (!) who are classified as cruel, most cruel; they counted convicts and persons under arrest, then counted soldiers to unify them under order and command. These fans (!) also count the casket as wing and twenty days of restricted room as one day. They counted “peace” as “fight”. They counted compulsory military as torturing official. Then they count what they remember as they don’t remember.

The raising hands of the deputies by raising their hands by pointing out with their eyes for the death sentences are from previous periods, are prior periods from such periods… they are limits of beast taken as heritage with effervescence and the bodily unconscious. A-B-C-D-E and they are extra bodies. And many more...

When considered in terms of all different politic, legal, scientific, physiological, religious, moral and aesthetic thinking, or when considered with new points of view, Mamak is the place with identical opinion:
There is crime against humanity in Mamak. The crime killed humanity in Mamak.

"floor is 1 square meter. The casket is the concrete bared without touch of sun in height of 2.5 meter. There is grid on the top put as air hole in size of 10x20 cm. there is no small opening to take breath. Inside is dark. One has to live without noticing day and night.
The architecture was used for evil by hands of evil-minded people..
However, architecture lost once again with evil intents in mental maps of those who wish not to forget the experienced pains, drawings of those who expresses memories and hopes of those who witnessed that period, plans, sections and when talked.
The Mamak penitentiary is closed to the public currently (in other words prohibited), and this contributes to forget what is experienced. This area is scene which is physical reflection of timeline that ends many lives and shaken many hope – even it does not consume. The unreachable scene causes us not to create common connection what experienced as society, and uncreated opportunity with more proper expression.

However, of course, openness of one area to one region is not assurance of taking part in memory of urban. If place invites society as absolute visitor, it remains as a place they stop by with personal efforts of persons who are aware of subject in society. However, place gets through its presence at the moment when society stops by, can reach any moment, and it cannot cause to forget itself.

There are many sources about the Mamak history( however, Mamak history is history of process of the country with history of those experienced in jail). However it is required not to forget importance of verbal expression at the unforgettable point of events affecting society deeply. Verbal expression is most natural tools with transfer from generation to generation. Those experienced in this transfer can be subject-matter.

Memories in presence of jail on these days, structures hosting these memories on these days, stones, walls, stairs, windows and halls…being subject matter causing them to cross path, unforgettable.
Contrary to the structures which carefully is cared, and wished not to exist in surface not only in that area (these structures prevent us to visit that places even only for five minutes), maybe we need to forget. The vegetation on these present structures may pay back and damage its occupant.

The damaged halls and paths causing to cross path those who were brought in the past, with hatred and blindness, those who were brought by mistake, causing to cross path torture and death, new halls causing people to meet people, all exist in Mamak. People giving way in new halls, might meet with those experienced in old halls.

When describing the stories of stone walls that meet halls on which walking with fun, to the curious child, feeling them falling when s/he understood that s/he cannot take kite expected to reach clouds, and fallen to the deep well, it embedded to the darkness under soil, at the place where the ceiling is sky, when noticed light below, you realize that there is no passing to other side.. they feel that moment, and this is what happened in Mamak.

When passing front, side, under and top of those…and when asked, saw, listened, remembered. And described it is transferred and never forget. These abnormal incidents not said “not happened”, It was happened. “